Teaching is one of the noblest professions that we can think of. From time immemorial, students have completed studies in order to be able to educate other children like them. The education industry in India has grown like never before and therefore the demand for teachers is also on the rise today.

Sri Nisarga Vidyavardhaka Seva Trust (R.) was born in the year 1993 with a mission to impart the best quality education to students from all sections of the society. Ever since its inception, the Trust has been engaged in starting and managing educational institutions in various domains, considering the needs of the society.

Sri Nisarga Vidyavardaka Seva was registered with the Sub Registrar, Tumkuru under Indian Trusts Act during 1993. Without the strong determination and commitment of the promoters towards the prosperity of the Nation, this Sri Nisarga Vidyavardaka Seva Trust might not have come to existence. In the last 18 years, the activity growth of the Trust is truly phenomenal. This has been possible mainly due to the strong conviction, clarity of vision, determined plan of action, dedicated band of people and down-to-earth approach of the management.

Mr. Doodashanaiah President of Sri Nisarga Vidyavardaka Seva Trust, who had his education in India felt the need for setting up of educational institutions to provide education to the needy & deserving in all fields of specialization starting from nursery to doctoral level. Keeping in view the changes taking place in present scenario. Mr.Doodashanaiah constituted a Trust by name “Sri Nisarga Vidyavardaka Seva Trust (R.)”. The Trust is set with Objectives to impart education at its best at an affordable cost.

Our Vision

To provide and manage Knowledge in the younger minds and enable them to become world class citizens, equipped with up to date Knowledge in emerging areas of technology and science.

Our Mission

To set up & run education institutions to promote higher education including professional courses from highly experienced faculty in a globally competitive environment and the affordable cost.

Our Philosophy

The academic philosophy of the trust is to establish educational institutions and provide all the facilities required to transform a plus two qualified student into a full-fledged professional to meet the demands of the employer.

This requires providing for required infrastructure / lab facilities / faculty /hostels / etc such that the student need not go in search for want of any academic thing.

Our Objectives

To provide top class education in professional areas and provide a globally competitive learning environment.

To provide facilities for students to gain hands on experience in state-of-the-art, technologically advanced areas.

To enable these students to be of truly global class professionals suitable for any environment not only in India but all also world over.